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Floatation Spa | Massage |Teeth Whitening
Sauna | Compression Boots
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Experience pure bliss at our day spa! Float, relax with a massage, detoxify in the sauna, rejuvenate with compression therapy, and unveil a brighter smile with teeth whitening. Your ultimate wellness getaway starts here.

Float therapy



This is a working promoting teeth whitening


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This is 2 men enjoying compression therapy at a dayspa

join the club

This is a lady drinking kava pre float

Get the full effects at rest float spa

Joining the club means you can float for less, and encourages you to sustain a regular practice to maximise the benefits of floating.

Our members club is available in different options. Pick the option based on how much you want the practice of “self-care” in your lifestyle. Club options begin at one session per month for $65. 




x3 float introduction pack - 45 min Floats $210



45 min Float Session $80

1 Hour  Float  Session $99

Couples float $140 ( In the same pod )

We do recommend 1st time floaters to experience alone to avoid distraction 

Float with a friend ( 2 float rooms, same time ) Please call or msg to book ) $160

Student float (Must be between 9am -3pm)

45 min Float Therapy Session $65

1 Hour  Float Therapy Session $70

Senior Citizen Session

45 min Float Therapy  $60

Must present gold card

This is a lday enjoying a float
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