The best thing you can do for yourself if floating interests you even slightly is to just try it. We are open 6 days a week and you will learn quickly that we love what we do and we live to introduce folks to floating. Floating is a safe, clean and welcoming environment for which you are always in total control over and with the elimination of external input – you will soon discover the true meaning of complete relaxation and stress relief. The best mindset to come in with when you first try floatation therapy is to have no expectations. Do your best to open your mind, let go and enjoy this well deserved time to reflect, recover and reinvigorate your mind and body. To truly experience the cumulative benefits of floating, we recommend booking 3 sessions initially, spaced out over a short period of time, to fully understand and reap floating’s long-term health and well-being advantages. Questions about Floating? Don’t worry, we get loads of them. Here are a few folks ask the most.

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