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Two athelete in couches at a dayspa getting leg compression therapy


How does it work ?

Compression therapy was originally developed for primary use in the medical industry. 

The technology was developed by a physician bioengineer with the intention to help improve blood flow and speed up the recovery progress. Fast forward to 2022 this recovery system is readily accessable to your everyday people, expected mothers & elite athletes.

Inflammation occurs when strenuous tension or exercise damages your muscle tissue. This leads to an increase in swelling, sensitising your nerves and causing that familiar sensation of pain and soreness following a hard workout..

A person holding the control on compression therapy

In the know

Using the Normatec compression boots can speed up the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems perform naturally over a longer period of time. Pneumatic compression increases blood circulation and helps your body get rid of accumulated waste in your muscles faster and more efficiently than your body normally can. The result is that your muscles heal and recover faster.

Who uses compression ?

NormaTec boots are used by a wide range of people.

Crossfitters, bodybuilders & athletes preparing for an event or race

  • Pregnant females wanting to decrease fluid build up in the legs. (Usually the third trimester)

  • Professionals or People who stand for long periods of time.

  • Office and admin roles that require sitting all day which creates poor circulation in their legs

  • Sporting codes & athletes who have had a heavy training session.


The high concentration of epsom salt in the water leads to an abundance of this mineral being absorbed through our skin. Magnesium can regulate blood pressure, assist in detox and assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It also serves as a powerful recovery tool for athletes with muscle soreness or sport injuries.


A person reading a book whilst getting compression therapy

20 minute session $30

40 minute session $50

60 minute session $70


Friends session

2 people - 20 minute $60

2 people - 40 minute $100

2 people - 60 minute $140

Concessions available online

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