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Rest Float Spa is home to 2 of the largest pods in the world. Each floatation pod is filled 1000 litres of waters and 500 kilos of Epsom Salts kept to skin temperature. When you enter the pod it creates an environment that is free from gravity and sensory input.

You have lots of space to manoeuvre around so you don’t feel claustrophobic and you can get in and out whenever you like. You control the opening of the pod lid, which you can have either fully open,  or fully closed and the light, which you can turn on or off at any time, to ensure your experience is right for you. 

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what is a float pod

why float ?

Floatation therapy is a unique relaxation treatment designed to give your mind and body the complete freedom to unwind and heal.

Also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, it works by inhibiting the sensations of gravity, light, sound and temperature to free the brain from sensory distractions and allow it to focus on resetting the body’s natural levels


the benefits

Pain & Sports Injury

Floatation therapy removes the force generated by gravity relieving pressure from various parts of the body .  The zero-gravity environment assists your body by focusing on repairing trouble areas, rather than regular bodily maintenance

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Stress & Anxiety 

Due to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system through floatation therapy, the body is flooded with endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are responsible for pain relief, mood enhancement and a decrease in anxiety response. Perfect for stress management, depression and anxiety.

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Floating increases circulation throughout the whole body as well as the distribution of oxygen and nutrients. Enhanced muscle relaxation and an overall reduction in physical stress are also achieved through floatation. 

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Stress & Sleep

A regular floating routine can lower cortisol levels (a stress response hormone) and help you disconnect from the pressures of everyday life. The stress-relieving qualities of floating also mean it's a great meditation aid, and can significantly improve sleep quality too

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frequently asked questions

I am a little bit Claustrophobic, will I be OK in a float pod?

Claustrophobia is the #1 mis-conception about floating in a pod. You CAN float with the lid open! Many people who initially express a fear of small spaces feel much better once they know they control the entire process. . If you want to stop you can do so at any time! You control the lighting You open and close the lid whenever you want You can float with the pod lid open You are always in control of the environment

What do i need to bring ?

We provide the essentials: organic body wash, shampoo & conditioner, ear plugs and towels. You are welcome to bring other personal items.

What do i wear ?

Most people don’t wear anything when they float to avoid distraction from the feeling of fabric (you should remove all make-up as well) . Each room is completely private, including a private shower ~ though you can wear a swimsuit if you prefer.

Can i float while i am preganant ?

Yes! This is very popular for pregnant Mum’s-to-be! Research suggests that floating is good for you and the baby. Especially in later stages of pregnancy. The buoyant environment allows you to escape many of the discomforts of pregnancy. A float session makes a great baby shower gift! We recommend against floating during the first trimester or past 38 weeks, and as with most activities, we do recommend checking with your doctor first. Pregnancy in the late stage is especially overbearing on the back muscles, and can restrict the blood flow to the placenta, so lying on your back with that little miracle inside of you may not be the best way to float for you. Instead, try floating on your front (we can offer pillows or noodles to support your head above the water) and experiment with different positions for your arms.

Can i float if im menstruating?

Unfortnately no

I have recently dyed my hair or had a spray tan. Am i able to float ?

Unfortunately hair dyes and spray-on tans can run into the salt solution. This can damage our tanks, and ruin your hair. We would suggest not floating within a week of having your hair dyed OR having a spray-on tan.

How do i know the water is clean ?

Our specially designed filters are capable of screening the water down to as little as 1 micron (100th the size of a hair). The entire contents of the tank are flushed through ultra violet ray and filtered 4 complete volumes of water between every customer Fresh water is added daily to top up the pods and the Salt Concentration alone will kill almost everything! Regular disinfection cycles do the rest!

Will i be in the dark ?

You are in control. You can float with or without light

What is epsom salt ?

Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulphate and is non toxic. It can help to relieve stress, soothe your muscles, soften your skin


The high concentration of epsom salt in the water leads to an abundance of this mineral being absorbed through our skin. Magnesium can regulate blood pressure, assist in detox and assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It also serves as a powerful recovery tool for athletes with muscle soreness or sport injuries.



x3 float introduction pack - 45 min Floats $210

     **Only available to new customers** 


45 min Float Therapy Session $80

1 Hour  Float Therapy Session $99

Student float (Must be between 9am -3pm)

45 min Float Therapy Session $65

1 Hour  Float Therapy Session $70

Senior Citizen Session

45 min Float Therapy  $60

Must present gold card

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Gift vouchers available online & in store

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